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An old favorite.

Chulahoma means “Red Fox.” in Choctaw. Before the Civil War Chulahoma was a large and prosperous community. It was an important stop on the coachroad to Memphis. There were many churches, over 30 stores, a post office, a tailor shop, funeral home, cotton gins, grist mills, a Masonic lodge and also the Chulahoma Seminary for Girls. The town missed becoming the county seat. That honor went to Holly Springs which also got the railroad. Then it was burned during the war.

First filmed in 1973, we got to go back to Chulahoma in 2013 and met the folks we hoped to meet. The 2014 shoot includes family re-unions, storytelling, country picnics and a family baseball game. We'll see what the present day has brought the little settlement on this and subsequent shoots. We should note that although Chulahoma is officaly "an extinct community" we believe there's some rich life still there.

Chulahoma is a texured place. We're looking at a number of other flavorful places.

Waldrip’s General Store
Chulahoma, MS

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Marshall County, 2013.