The Progress

The Mississippi stereotype is negative. Stereotypes often are. Mississippi has been cast as a backward place which has yet to join the 21st Century. However, Mississippi has changed immensely over the last forty years. In fact, the progress has been more significant than anyone could have possibly imagined back in 1974. That story has not been effectively told….yet! The state has proactively sought to correct the inequality in its public schools; discrimination in the workplace has received it’s due attention; and the racial, cultural and class differences are slowly becoming invisible. In American Homeplace, we’ll strive to highlight these positive changes to the state using three counties in northern Mississippi as a microcosm of the entire state. With Oxford as our base, we’ll revisit the old and spotlight the new.

There is also the story of 'place' and the role of place in American culture. For many today there is little attachment to turf. Your house is not a home. It's an investment and therefore interchangeable. What makes space a place? There are lessons of community in rural America.

Oxford, MS Town Square 1972

Oxford, Miss Town Square, 2013.

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